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:: Twin 1731 4inch Paring Knife

Newest from Zwilling J.A.Henckels - bridging traditions of the past to technology innovation of today. Twin 1731 represents a systhesis of form, function and design.

Following the principle of 'aesthetics through reduction', acclaimed designer Matteo Thun has created a knife series that conveys familiarity and serenity in simple elegance.

An innovative new bolster design offers comfort, balance and safety without compromising the cutting edge. The rounded wedge-shape blades are constructed from Cronidur 30 steel and incorporate a new precise sharpening tecnology resulting in a seperior cutting action along the whole length of the edge. Cronidur 30 steel provides the muscle. Developed for the rigours of aviation and space technology, this is s high-performance material with exceptional hardness (60 on the Rockwell scale) and is 100 times more corrosion resistant that standard steel.

A specially constructed tang supports a beautifully sculpted handle. The warmth and softness of African black Grenadilla hardwood adds to harmony, inviting a long, lingering embrace.

Other features include:
- FRIODUR® blade, ice-hardened
- SIGMAFORGE® knife – forged from one piece
- Unique bolster geometry (patent pending)
- Innovative wedge shape of blade

Product - 4inch Paring knife
Product code 31860-101 (Twin 1731)

Lifetime warranty from J.A.Henckels.
Made in Germany.

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