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:: Mauviel M150 Copper Saucepan 1.9Qt - 6.25inch

Stainless steel lined copper cookware with stainless steel handle.
The stainless steel (18/10 surgical) and copper are bonded in sheet material prior to the forming of the cookware. The stainless steel used is very thin and therefore, will not inhibit the cooking qualities of copper. It, however, makes it easier to clean fast and easy. This is the next generation in copper cookware.
Designed and manufactured by Mauviel, famous for its focus on manufacturing excellence. Mauviel is in business since 1830.

Product - Saucepan
Lid is sold separately
Thickness - 1.5mm
Handle - stainless steel
Size - 16cm or 6.25inch. 1.8 Litre or 1.9Qt
Made in France

Price: $295.00

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Product Image

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