Shun Classic Bread Knife 9in

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Shun Classic design.
Clad Construction.
The wavy pattern on our blades is called a Damascus look; what gives it that pattern are 16 layers of SUS410 High Carbon Stainless Steel pounded to 3/1000th of an inch and then ''clad'' on each side of the VG10 core. This combination of materials gives the blade strength, stain resistance, and incredible cutting performance.

The Cutting Edge
Shun''s cutting edge is ground to an angle of 16 degrees making them extremely sharp. The exotic Japanese steels used in the cutting core of our knives allow them to hold these razor sharp edges without the need for excessive re-sharpening.

VG10 ''Super Steel''
VG10 is a new type of stainless steel that has a higher density. This allows the steel to be tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 61, and still have the flexibility and strength to take and keep a perfect edge. VG10''s natural tendency is to remain straight and true, so when it is used, the edge of the blade naturally straightens out and stays sharper longer.

Handle: Ergonomic ambidextrous ebony PakkaWood

Product - Bread knife
Size - 9inch (22.5cm)
Product code - DM0705

Made in Japan

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