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:: D5 French Skillet 13inch Brushed

All-Clad's latest innovation is its D5 stainless steel series of cookware. As the name implies, each cookware has five layers of material bonded together. The layers are:

18/10 stainless steel
Stainless Steel
Magnetic stainless steel.

The above alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum improves even heating and energy efficiency significantly.

The French Skillet pan has been designed for sauteing, frying and searing.

Comes with a domed lid which can be used to lock in moisture and heat after browing or searing to cook meats throughly on the stovetop or in the oven.

Stay cool handles
Brushed stainless steel exterior
Suitable for all stove tops including induction stove
Dishwasher safe

Product - French Skillet with Domes Lid
Handle - Long handle plus a loop handle at the other end
Size - 13.0inch dia

Made in the USA

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